Day Six: On The Map

I have to tune the map and the numbers out during the day, as both have become painful reminders of how grim things are and how quickly they are changing. Confirmed cases in Virginia are up to 152 today. That’s a 33 percent increase over yesterday. The Department of Health does now recognize the case from Botetourt county, as well as the cases reported by the Roanoke Times in Lexington and Franklin County. Southwest Virginia is on the COVID-19 map.

Map and table of COVID 19 in Virginia
COVID-19 in Virginia on March 21, 2020. From:

Nationally, the trend is even worse. Last night after I posted, the total number of cases in the US climbed above 19,000. This evening there are more than 24,000.  Nearly half of those are in New York, and more than 75 million Americans are now under lock down orders.

Yet there are people who are not taking this seriously — not self-isolating, and generally not concerned…at the same time we’re getting reports about health care workers sanitizing and re-using disposable masks and other PPE because the national response is so uncoordinated and so late getting going.  I’ve been thinking about a post that would compare our government’s response to this crisis to the way Stalin handled WWII. I don’t really want to write it. But if this keeps up, I may have to.

US / Global Covid-19 cases 3-21-20
US Cases exceed 24,000. From

On a happier note, my daughter decided to ride out this round at home after teleworking and self-isolating for a week in DC. Her dad drove to the big city to retrieve her this morning, and Nairo and I were both beyond joyful when they pulled into the driveway.  Time for more distracting TV and some gratitude. Lots of gratitude.

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